A student ISC HUB was opened at Masaryk Dormitory

During the ceremonial opening on 9 February 2024, the ISC HUB was opened at Masaryk College - a space intended for meeting people on the Dejvice campus, especially students and employees of the Czech Technical University and UCT Prague, which is also used for student club events, especially the ISC CTU.

ISC HUB was founded by Tomas Kodad, Jakub Trhlik and Jan Rahm, long-time members of ISC CTU (an external club of the Student Union of CTU in Prague whose name will soon be changed to ESN CTU in Prague) and CTU graduates. One of the main reasons for establishing the ISC HUB was the lack of space for ISC CTU events in Dejvice.

The technical capabilities of the founders in the field of smart lighting, security and other systems can be seen at the ISC HUB. It also includes audiovisual equipment, its own ordering application available at ischub.cz, connections to social networks and other student clubs. The founders plan to use the experience gained in designing and operating the space for further business in the future.

The opening hours of the ISC HUB are currently from 16:00 to 24:00 every day, however, due to the deserted campus on weekends, it may happen that the club will not be open on some days.

Visit the space and soak up the student atmosphere!