Lease of parking spaces

Strahov site, Vaníčkova 315/7, 160 17 Prague 6 (mapa)
Masarykova kolej site, Thákurova 1, 160 00 Prague 6 (mapa)
Orlík site, Terronská 694/6, 140 00 Prague 6 (mapa)
Podolí site, Na Lysině 12, 140 00 Prague 4 (mapa)
Studentský dům canteen site, Bílá 6, 160 00 Prague 6 (mapa) 


Contacts and information about free capacities:

  • Strahov site – miloslav [dot] doubek [at] cvut [dot] cz – FULL CAPACITY 

  • Masarykova dormitory site – pavol [dot] kvasnica [at] cvut [dot] cz – FULL CAPACITY 

  • Orlík dormitory site – dana [dot] mencikova [at] cvut [dot] cz – FULL CAPACITY 

  • Podolí site – zuzana [dot] frydrychova [at] cvut [dot] cz – FULL CAPACITY 

  • Studentský dům canteen site – petr [dot] hasa [at] cvut [dot] cz – FULL CAPACITY 


Parking price list

Lease of parking spaces

Do you live in Dejvice, Břevnov or Podolí or do you commute here for work and would you like a parking space? You can find it with us! We offer several parking options for long-term rental or even just for a couple of hours. Students and employees of CTU have everything at a discounted price, of course.

Strahov Dormitory

In Břevnov, we offer several parking options in the site of the Strahov university dormitories. You can use both the fenced or fenced parking lot, as well as the freely accessible parking lot between the dormitory buildings.

  • 11 minutes to metro line B – Anděl
  • 12 minutes to metro line A – Dejvická
  • 14 minutes to metro line B – Karlovo náměstí
Ohrazené parkoviště před blokem 1 na Kolejích Strahov


Masaryk Dormitory

In the site of the Masaryk dormitory in Dejvice, we offer the possibility of parking in the courtyard. Covered and uncovered parking spaces are available.

  • 5 minutes to metro line A – Dejvická
Parkovací stání u Masarykovy koleje


Orlík Dormitory

In the site of the Orlík dormitory in the Prague 6 - Bubeneč area, we offer the possibility of covered parking in the garage and also uncovered parking in the inner block of the dormitory.

  • 10 minutes to metro line A – Dejvická
parkování u Orlíku


Podolí Dormitory

The Podolí dormitory complex offers a large outdoor, uncovered space for parking a car.

  • 15 minutes to metro line C – Pražského povstání
Parkoviště v areálu Kolejí Podolí


Studentský dům canteen

The Studentský dům canteen in Dejvice has a fenced outdoor area for long-term parking.

  • 10 minutes to metro line A – Dejvická
Studentský dům

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