Letter to students

                                                                                                          In Prague 25. 3. 2022

Dear students,

I am confident that you are monitoring the situation in Ukraine, I know that many of you are actively involved in helping Ukraine. CTU has been declaring its support and is also actively helping Ukraine from the very first days. As a part of this assistance, CTU housed almost three hundred citizens of Ukraine who had to leave their homes and have now here to go. These are mainly women, mothers with children. You will be meeting them most often in Strahov and Podolí. The environment in our dormitories is, by its nature, not convenient for such a coexistence; sometimes it will not be easy to harmonize collegiate life with the liveliness of small children. SUS will try to maintain as much as possible the living conditions you are used to. Nevertheless, I would like to ask you for your patience and understanding. We managed it together during the Covid time and I believe we can manage it now as well.  


Bc. Michal Vodička
Director of SÚZ ČVUT