Premises for Rent

Czech Technical University in Prague, Service Facilities Administration offers short-term and long-term rental of its premises, including the possibility to register corporate offices.

Premises available for rent

  • The Bethlehem Chapel Here
  • The La Fontanella Pizzeria  Here
  • Canteens and restaurants Here
  • Dormitory campuses Here
  • The Masarykova Dormitory Here
  • Car parks
  • Attractive office space rentals from 20 m2 to 200 m2

Price list

  • Parking price list Here (Only in Czech language)
  • Canteen rental price list Here (Only in Czech language)
  • Other rental prices depend on the scope, duration and location

Contact information

  • If interested please contact the Head of Business and Marketing Department – JUDr.Jiří Hrdý - phone: 234 678 281, email:, or the Head of Legal and Employment Department, Ing. Václav Svoboda – phone: 234 678 248, email:


Contact Information Catering Ivan Tvoroch
Phone:+420 233 051 240
+420 724 248 370

Karel Macák
Phone:+420 233 051 118/117
+420 702 296 089
Congresses - Olga Holá Phone:+420 233 051 151

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