at dormitories and other buildings of the


This document is issued on the basis of the Accommodation Rules of the Czech Technical University in Prague (hereinafter “CTU”), and pursuant to Art. 2, para. 2 it is issued by the CTU Rector after consultation at the CTU Academic Senate. The purpose of this document is, pursuant to the Accommodation Rules, to determine the procedures, rules and methods for providing accommodation in buildings owned by CTU, in particular to CTU students and graduates, and also to students and graduates of other universities and other education facilities, and also study programmes and other persons (hereinafter “accommodation applicants”), all on the basis of and in accordance with the rules, documents and other implementing regulations set out below.

Article I

SERVICE FACILITIES ADMINISTRATION, as an organisational unit within CTU (hereinafter “SFA CTU”) manages dormitories and other buildings in which it provides accommodation, in particular

    • Strahov Dormitory, Podolí Dormitory, Masaryk Dormitory, Sinkule Dormitory, Dejvická Dormitory, Bubeneč Dormitory, Orlík Dormitory, Hlávka Dormitory
    • Novoměstský Hotel
    • other buildings

(hereinafter referred to together as “dormitories”).

The SFA CTU Director can determine for the academic year which buildings shall be used year-round and which only for shorter periods (e.g. placements, exchange trips in summer) and which buildings shall not be used at all in justified cases (e.g. due to cost-cutting measures, repairs, renovations). 

Article II

CTU students and graduates are entitled to receive an accommodation place at dormitories run by SFA CTU upon meeting the conditions and formalities laid down in SFA CTU regulations, this Scenario and its appendices at a specially reduced price (“dormitory price for students”). Rules and procedures for providing and obtaining dormitory accommodation are laid down for individual academic years. These rules may not be discriminatory in nature, and they must in particular:

  • set out simplified conditions for already accommodated CTU students and graduates to obtain dormitory accommodation again;
  • set out a procedure for obtaining accommodation for new CTU students or new CTU student applicants so that they shall be assured of obtaining a dormitory accommodation place when objective conditions are met (e.g. submitting confirmation of studies, correctly filled-in application);
  • provide accommodation places to students on exchange placements and in summer study programmes according to options and availability of accommodation capacities;  
  • provide accommodation for a period of 2 nights to CTU students taking an exam during the course of the exam period at the dormitory price for students;
  • provide and adapt accommodation places to students with special requirements and specific needs (e.g. disabled students) according to their needs and considering the technical means available to the accommodation provider;
  • allow accommodation applicants to choose a dormitory, or choose an accommodation place within the accommodation capacity available according to set conditions.

After accommodation capacities have been filled on the basis of the above conditions, SFA CTU will provide accommodation to:

  • students of other universities or other schools with which an agreement on accommodation provision to students, or another similar agreement concluded between public higher education institutions, is or will be signed;
  • students or graduates of other schools or study programmes or placements who apply for accommodation when they meet the set conditions and rules;
  • other persons in order to ensure accommodation capacities are utilised, for a full accommodation fee.

Procedures and rules for dormitory accommodation for the next academic year, and a document summarising the set of information on submitting a reservation and application for dormitory accommodation, on assigning accommodation places, on procedures and documents necessary to arrive at dormitory accommodation, etc., for the given academic year are found in Appendix 1 of this Scenario.

Article III

SFA CTU shall decide on the assignment of an accommodation place. Entitlement to accommodation arises on the basis of a decision on assigning accommodation and after payment of the monetary deposit by the accommodation applicant. Relevant documents stipulate the amount and payment method of the monetary deposit, set the conditions for submitting an accommodation application and reservation and methods of paying for costs linked to accommodation. On the proposal of the SFA CTU Director, the CTU Rector issues the Dormitory Pricelist and Pricelist for Accommodation and for accommodating employees, and also the Pricelist of refunds, fees, lump sum payments, penalties and other services provided by SFA CTU (hereinafter “Pricelists”), without prejudice to the provisions of Art. VI of this Scenario. The Dormitory Pricelist is issued following discussion with the CTU Student Union and following discussion with the CTU Academic Senate. An Accommodation Schedule (hereinafter “Schedule”) is also issued for each academic year, with the Schedule for the following academic year forming Appendix 2 of this Scenario.

Article IV

On the basis of an assigned accommodation place, the accommodation applicant signs an Accommodation Agreement prior to arriving for accommodation at the dormitory. Alongside the Accommodation Agreement, the applicant also arranges the insurance of belongings taken to the place of accommodation. Other rights and obligations of the accommodated person and accommodation provider are contained within the General Terms of Accommodation and House Rules for the individual dormitories. The General Terms of Accommodation comprise Appendix 3 of this Scenario, the House Rules are issued by the Director of SFA CTU, and these documents shall be duly published alongside the Accommodation Agreement so that all CTU students and any other accommodation applicants are able to read these documents. The General Terms of Accommodation shall be provided to the accommodated person to read along with their signature of the Accommodation Agreement at the latest. The General Terms of Accommodation mainly contain the rights and obligations of the accommodated person, such as the obligation to keep the dormitories tidy, to refrain from undesirable conduct, the right to separate female and male accommodation, etc.

Article V

Dormitory accommodation may be terminated on the basis of

  • the accommodated person ending their dormitory accommodation,
  • a decision of SFA CTU issued on the basis of accommodation and other regulations (e.g. for not meeting terms and conditions to continue accommodation – not submitting a current confirmation of studies or not submitting a university diploma, etc.)
  • notice to leave issued by the accommodation provider in accordance with the General Terms of Accommodation (e.g. for not paying the dormitory fee, destroying CTU property, harassing roommates, etc.).

After termination of accommodation, the accommodated person shall leave the accommodation place in the same state they received it in, while other conditions such as, e.g., returning the monetary deposit, payment for damage to accommodation furnishings, etc., stipulated in the House Rules, or else in the General Terms of Accommodation.

Article VI

Students are entitled to a reduced accommodation price – dormitory fee for students. CTU graduates are entitled to an appropriate discount from the full accommodation price for a period of 5 years following graduation. The dormitory fee for students and other fees and payments are listed in the Pricelists for each particular academic year. As well as payments for accommodation at dormitories and services related to accommodation (electricity), the Pricelists also include, e.g., fees for receiving and processing accommodation applications and registrations, the amount of monetary deposit, insurance sums, etc. The Pricelist of refunds, fees, lump sum payments, penalties and other services of the SFA CTU (so-called “Refunds Pricelist”) comprises Appendix 4 of this Scenario. The Pricelists also lay out fees for accommodation for non-students.

Article VII

SFA CTU may issue other implementing regulations to carry out, or secure the technical implementation of, the provisions of this Scenario.

Agreed by the CTU AS (Resolution XX-XX/2022)

Effective as of 1 May 2022

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  Bc. Michal Vodička, v. r.                                                                  doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc., v.r.        
       Director, SFA CTU                                                                                   Rector, CTU in Prague



                1) Procedures and rules for accommodation at SFA CTU dormitories for the next academic yea

                2) Accommodation Schedule for the next academic year

                3) General Terms of Accommodation

                4) Pricelist of refunds, fees, lump sum payments, penalties and other services of the SFA CTU