Change of Office Hours.

The Podolí Dormitory

The Podolí Dormitory
Address: Na Lysině 772/12
147 45 Praha 4 (Map)
IČP: 1002030676
Phone: 234 678 450
Campus Manager: Naděžda Makulová
tel.: 234 678 451
Accommodation office: Frydrychová Zuzana
tel: 234 678 452

Marcela Pešková
tel: 234 678 453

Transport connections:
  • Underground line C, Pražského Povstání station
Canteen: The Podolí Canteen
I want to live in a dormitory Information and documents

The dormitory is located in a peaceful residential area of Prague 4, about a 5 minutes’ walk from the underground C station "Pražského povstání".

Office hours

Accommodation office (in gatehouse building) and storeroom (block F)
Monday–Thursday 8.00–11.00; 12.00–14.00
Friday: 8.00–11.00

Accommodation in the Podolí Dormitory

  • Equipment and services provided to students (PDF)

Block A , B: the room unit system with single, double and triple rooms and a toilet, a shower and a kitchen in the unit.

The recently renovated block C,  F:  Single to double rooms with washbasins n the rooms. Shared kitchens and showers and restrooms can be found in hallways. Block C has two double rooms with private showers and toilets for handicapped students.

Block D, E: single to triple rooms with shared kitchens, toilets and showers in hallways.

The total capacity - more than 1000 beds.

Laundry rooms and drying rooms of different capacities can be found in all blocks. Internet connections are available in all rooms, see

The Podolí Dormitory Amenities

Meals are served in a canteen (on the campus). There are restaurants, clubs and bars in the area.

Sports facilities – tennis, football, handball, basketball, volleyball, netball.

Parking (on the campus), Parking fees – for information call the reception desk, tel.: 234 678 450.

On-campus sports fields

Available to accommodated guests or CTU students only.
Multi-purpose sports fields with artificial grass and evening lights can be used mostly for collective ball games such as tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball, netball and other.

Day hoursEvening hours
Tennis 110,- ,- 140,- ,-
Other sports 130,- ,- 190,- ,-

Open daily from 10:00 a, to 10:00 pm.
Reservation at: 234 678 450

The prices are listed in CZK per hour, including the rental of a net. The price list is effective from 26 November  2014.

Student self-government

The Pod-O-Lee student club can be found at the Podolí Dormitory.