Accommodation of students to take an exam in January and February 2021

With regard to the current development of the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic and related restrictions, it is not possible to accommodate new students in the dormitories of the SFA CTU in Prague. If students need to stay in the dormitory for study reasons, the SFA in January and February 2021 will proceed as follows:

  1. Technical logout students will be allowed to stay for 1 night (for one exam) in their dorm room under the conditions published in the Instruction from the Director No. 1/2021 (PDF) and No. 2/2021 (PDF).
  2. For students who have already made a reservation at the CTU dormitory (especially foreign students) and cannot check in the dormitories, we offer accommodation in the hotel part of Masarykova dormitory for the price of accommodation fee ie 147 CZK/night (because standard accommodation at dormitories is not allowed).
  3. Students who terminated accommodation at the CTU dormitory at any time during the winter semester in the academic year 2020/21 due to the epidemiological situation and need accommodation for an exam, we will also allow accommodation at the hotel part of Masarykova dormitory for the price of accommodation fee 147 CZK/night.
  4. Students who need accommodation for an exam and do not have or did not have standard student accommodation in CTU dormitories will be allowed accommodation in the hotel part of Masarykova dormitory up to the amount of capacity for the price valid for commercial accommodation, ie 400 CZK / night.

The possibility of accommodation at Masarykova dormitory is limited by the capacity of the hotel part.

In the event of a decrease in PES to level 3 or lower, we will again normally handle applications for student accommodation and accommodate at all CTU dormitories.

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