The Strahov Canteen

The Strahov Canteen
Address: Jezdecká 1920
16017, Praha 6 - Strahov (Map)
IČP: 1002030595
Telephone: 234 678 361
Fax: 234 678 375
Manager: Aleš Růžička
Tel: 234 678 291
Transport connections:
  • Underground line A - Dejvická, buses No. 217, 143 and 149
  • Underground B - Karlovo náměstí, bus No. 176
Meals: Menu
Opening hours: Opening hours

Meals can be paid for with TICKET RESTAURANT and SODEXHO PASS lunch vouchers. The Strahov Canteen staff can provide - MEALS DELIVERY - LEASE OF THE RESTAURANT, LARGE AND SMALL CAFETERIA AND A SMALL LOUNGE. Naturally, we can provide refreshments, breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and lunch packages, etc. WiFi is available in the canteen – the connection is available to Silicon Hill Club members with active network membership.


Parking is available on the ground, price list:

  • gated at block 1, enclosed at block 1, for information call 234 678 386
  • gated at block 11, open parking area, for information call 234 678 111

Large canteen

Large canteen

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Self-service system: The customer chooses from sample portions and the light information board. Meal selection from Mon through Fri: 6 ready meals, 2 soups, dessert, a drink of choice, salads, fruit (Sat-Sun limited selection) Meals without previous orders, selection from choices on the spot.

You can replenish your cards with cash or play in cash in the canteen.

Self-service system:



An enjoyable, air-conditioned environment, wheel-chair accessible

  • Capacity: 200 seats
  • Meals: lunch, dinner - a selection from daily ready and a la carte meals prepared in front of your, salad bar
  • Selection of soft and alcoholic drinks and coffee
  • A terrace is open in summer

Waiting room


For 25 person
Refreshments - directly in the lounge or restaurant




Snack bar block 1


Snack bar Strahov

The Snack bar is located in block 1 on the Strahov Dormitory campus (in the building of the CTU’s Service Facilities Administration) A wide selection of refreshments: Soft and alcoholic drinks, cold snacks (pickled cheese, open faced sandwiches, sandwiches, etc.), candies, hot dogs, ice-cream.