Accommodation Application

The deadline for receiving applications for dormitory accommodation in the first round of allocation (which also applies to visiting and exchange students) is 13 August 2021. Applications for dormitory accommodation are accepted throughout the academic year and addressed as free places become available.

The beginning date for submitting APPLICATIONS for dormitory accommodation for the 2021/2022 academic year via the website interface is 11 January 2021.

To register in ISKAM4, use the following link: 

CTU students 

Other students  

ISKAM login methods

The system currently supports four types of login.

  1. The primary method is login through the Czech Technical University (CTU) user map, which has been used up until now.
  2. Applicants from the CTU that have no valid personal CTU number (IDIS) can log in using their last name and their national identification number (i.e. birth number).
  3. Also, it is possible to log in using the application number and the password that was set up by the user when entering the application on the CTU website, which is usual for new applicants for enrolment at CTU.
  4. Existing users outside the CTU and applicants from the CTU without active usermap account (i.e. when completing studies) can log in using a registered e–mail address and a chosen password. Contact your accommodation manager to set up this login method. You will receive an e–mail with a password set-up link. The link expire after 24 hours.
Methods 2 and 3 are only temporary and are used by CTU students until they obtain a valid university login for method 1.