Do you want to live in a CTU dormitory?

Student accommodation in CTU dormitories shall follow the Accommodation Scenario for the given academic year.

Other important information

Accommodation in CTU dormitories can be applied for any CTU students, a student of another university and secondary school; students of full age can apply any time throughout the year. This means you can apply for dormitory any time throughout the year. To do so, please fill in: Applications for accommodation in CTU dormitories for the giver academic year. Applications shall be accommodated based on (free) CTU accommodation capacity.

Please specify the dormitory and room of your choice in your application. Your application shall be approved if there is a free capacity in the selected dormitory. Otherwise, the applicant shall be provided accommodation in another CTU accommodation facility.

Are you a CTU graduate or are you looking for accommodation as a VISITING STUDENT?

Please contact the Accommodation Department,

Section of accommodation informations

In this section you will find information on how to log into the system ISKAM4 accommodation where you can make a reservation for the next AR at the time of reservations (only for residents), and or requests for the next AR. For reservation or request you are applying only through the web interface. The mentioned section click through - HERE  

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